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When your car doesn’t start in the morning it’s an inconvenience however when your car doesn’t stop it’s a real safety hazard! Brakes like anything on a vehicle need to be serviced on a regular basis to provide optimum performance.

There are basically two different types of brake used on a vehicle today. The most common is the Disc brake which incorporates a disc attached to the axle and brake pads or “flat shoes” squeezing the rotor disc causing friction which converts kinetic energy to stop your vehicle. The other type of brake, known as the Drum brake is used very little today and only on the rear vehicles. This style uses a set of curved brake “shoes” pressing outward onto a cylindrical Drum and has been found to have less stopping power and more heat buildup than the Disc brake version.
Brake Repair
In 1933 Chrysler Motors changed from a mechanical to a hydraulic brake system greatly improving stopping and control. Then in the early 70’s the power or vacuum assist portion of the system became very popular and eventually standard giving even greater stopping performance. During the 80’s the Antilock Brake System was introduced, which in the beginning was a primitive computer or “module” controlled system providing it with the ability to release and lock the brakes faster than the blink of an eye, controlling vehicle skid and loss of control. Today ABS brakes are very complex systems and should be serviced by professionals.

There is a lot going on when you push that pedal!

A typical system today consists of a Master Cylinder pushing hydraulic brake fluid, through a set of steel lines and high pressure hoses, to a computerized ABS unit (with feedback sensors on each wheel) on to four brake calipers that squeeze the brake pads multiple times per second for a safe, controlled stopping experience.

Remember, when it comes to stopping your vehicle, here at Extra Mile, we fix it so it brakes!


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