Factory Scheduled Maintenance Guide

Factory Scheduled Maintenance Guide

Your factory maintenance guide is created by the manufacturer for every model every year. This is a minimum routine maintenance requirement to keep your vehicle going until the warranty is expired. Not following the minimum required maintenance can and has been used to deny manufacture warranty claims. Your factory schedule will list specific procedures at certain mileages or time intervals that should be followed. The provided schedule booklet will contain a section where you can record the maintenance done during each interval. There may be two different tracks of maintenance, normal driving which is around 20% of car owners and severe driving which would encompass the rest of us. You do not have to take your vehicle back to the dealer for maintenance to satisfy your warranty (see Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act below).
Factory Scheduled Maintenance Guid
I believe most of us would like our cars to last much longer than the manufacturer’s warranty, and that is why Extra Mile Auto Service will notify you of any maintenance that should be done to keep your car in top running condition. We also keep accurate records of maintenance and repairs we perform on your vehicles and you may request a copy any time.

According to The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act of 1975“An independent mechanic, a retail chain shop, or even you yourself can do routine maintenance and repairs on your vehicle. The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, which is enforced by the FTC, makes it illegal for manufacturers or dealers to claim that your warranty is void or to deny coverage under your warranty simply because someone other than the dealer completed the maintenance. The manufacturer or dealer can, however, require consumers to use select repair facilities if the repair services are provided to consumers free of charge under the warranty”.

The Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act makes it illegal for companies to void your warranty or deny coverage under the warranty simply because you used an aftermarket or recycled part. The manufacturer or dealer can, however, require consumers to use select parts if those parts are provided to consumers free of charge under their warranty.


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