Tire Balance

Tire Balance

Balancing your tires increases safety and reduces tire wear. When a tire is out of balance it “skips” or bounces leaving the road surface during rotation. There are two types of balance problems on tires or anything that rotates at high speeds. The first is static or vertical vibration which creates a hopping up and down motion because the tire is heavy in one spot. The other is dynamic vibration which creates a side to side or wobble due to the tire being heavy on the outside and inside at different locations. Neither of these scenarios is optimal or desirable. When the tire rubber wears down due to mileage it doesn’t wear evenly, this is why you need to balance your tires more than once during its lifetime. Tires being out of balance creates premature wear as well as suspension parts like your shocks or Macpherson struts. When shocks or struts wear it exacerbates the problem causing deep scallops in the tread of the tire. When this occurs it shortens the life and the tires need to be replaced.
Tire Balance
When balancing the tire, specified counter weights are used in exact locations creating an equal weight or force distribution which eliminates the vibration you feel while driving your car.

Considering the cost of your tires, periodic balancing is a small investment that pays big dividends now and in the future. Even if you can’t feel a vibration now the tires are still wearing unevenly and may have minute vibrations which will eventually increase over time causing a shortened tire lifespan.

When should you balance your tires?
  • When purchasing new tires
  • While performing a tire rotation
  • While repairing a flat tire
  • Any sudden impact while driving (potholes)
  • Any sudden or “skid” stopping (flattens a small portion of the tread)
  • Any hard acceleration (may cause tire to wheel slip)
  • Experiencing a vibration in your vehicle
  • When combined with proper tire inflation, tire rotation, balancing and wheel alignment will ensure your tires wear and ride smoothly over time.
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